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This is one of many reasons why we love LC…

Following the success of its first two years, Loyle Carner is inviting young chefs to take part in his Chilli Con Carner cooking school; a free initiative he runs in collaboration with the social enterprise GOMA for kids with ADHD.

In order to take part, you must be aged between 14-16 and have ADHD. The school will run from August 27th – August 31st so you will need to be available in London on those dates. You can apply to the course via a video submission here.

Growing up with ADHD himself, Loyle Carner found solace in both music and cooking as outlets to channel his high level of energy and creativity. With Chilli Con Carner, he hopes other young people will find unparalleled peace through cooking too. Watch a documentary about the school here.

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